Our kids are Beautiful.

 Our planet is Beautiful.

Let’s take good care of them.


Does travel sometimes represent a departure from the healthy lifestyle that you try to uphold for your kids?

Do you want to travel with your kids, yet tread lightly on our planet?                     

Are you discerning about where to put your travel dollars?

Healthy Kids Travel is a space for ideas and inspiration for maintaining our kids' health and wellbeing, while at the same time embracing new places, rhythms and cultures.

I’m Brit Sooby, and I am passionate about children’s good health, and their relationship to the planet.
As a mother who every day enjoys creating a healthy lifestyle for my children, and who also loves to travel (sometimes for work, sometimes for play) I am always looking for ways to integrate the two.

Having traveled extensively as a Physical Trainer to actors for the rigorous demands of their roles, (and prior to that as a Stunt Performer for film and  television), part of my job is to source the healthiest options in food and environment for myself, and my clients, which helps to buffer the effects of travelling, and ever-changing filming schedules, all at the same time as meeting performance demands!

Since beginning to travel with my children, I have found this to be an entirely new and wonderful ball game, and I am deeply invested in learning more. I believe that optimal Wellbeing for our kids, ourselves and our planet, are cornerstones to our lives, and that travel can be thoughtfully integrated into that state of Wellbeing. 

Whether it’s a new street, town, state or country, travel has never before been so accessible and varied in it’s options. 
As WONDERFUL and IMPORTANT as the joy of travel is, it has the potential to knock us around a little, with changes in food, drink, timezones, air quality, sleep patterns, and rhythms. This is especially the case for little people! Despite their seeming resilience, these factors can have a cumulative effect. 
By making changes and transitions as smooth and healthful as possible, we can create more space, and time, to get on with the fun, adventurous stuff! Many of us choose to have our children eat within certain parameters, (as either a need or a want ) and maintaining that as best as possible while 'on the move’ can contribute to a healthy, happy travel experience!

We all have our own ideas on what is ‘Clean Living’ or ‘Healthy’ for our kids - it is for you to define.
Healthy Kids Travel will explore natural approaches to maintaining great health for kids on the move. 
Let's collectively acknowledge the efforts of individuals and businesses that show caring and consideration for our planet and our little people who will inherit it! 

Please check out our resources and tips that we hope will benefit your kids (and you!) on their travels.

Happy, Healthy Travels!

Image by Sam Collins for NatIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL

Image by Sam Collins for NatIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL

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