We recently heard about a Brooklyn couple who, wanting to share their love for travelling with their one year old baby, have designed a groovy new organic travel toy that we think you should know about!

Healthy Kids Travel recently interviewed Globe Totters founders, husband and wife team Angela and Justin,
to find out more.

What a fantastic range of toys you have created! 
Tell us a little bit about your product?

Our slogan is Live Organic + Play Organic.
We have reinvented the kids/baby block. 
Our initial product line consists of 10 city blocks made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. 
They are perfect for families and their little ones interested in learning and travelling to the great cities of the world.
 Great for tactile development and learning about different cities in a fun and safe way.  
Each block is a different city.  We're featuring New York City, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Sydney, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London and Paris.
The blocks highlight landmarks, culture and food specific to the particular city.All of the artwork is original. Copy written illustrations are by Angela. 

Globe Totters are two tots that are featured on every block and integrated into the cityscapes.
They "Globetot" all over the world!  

Our eco green blocks are made of GOTS certified 100% organic cotton fabric, printed with non-toxic
water-based inks. Our Eco-fill is derived from corn, and our hangtags are made from recycled paper. 

We are proud that all of our blocks are handmade in Brooklyn, NY.   

How have people reacted to the blocks?

We've had a very positive and strong reaction to the concept of featuring different cities on blocks for children in an eco and organic way.
The artwork is vibrant and modern and completely safe for babies to chew on. 

Where did your idea come from?

We came up with this idea in our kitchen when our baby was 4 months old.
Before she was born we were what you might consider travel junkies. We had to cut back quite a bit after she was born for a multitude of reasons, one of them being that it just wasn't as easy as it once was for us. 
We would often tell our daughter of all the many different cities we would like to show her.
It occurred to us we could bring these cities to her and teach her about different landmarks right in our kitchen.

We began developing the concept from that day forward with that idea in mind.
We were also astounded with the amount of plastic children's toys 'Made in China'.
I often cringed when my child chewed on them. We wanted to create a natural product made in the USA. 

Why did you choose to make it organically? 

We are strong believers in feeding our daughter an organic diet and choosing to stay away from chemicals and pesticides as much as possible in our daily life.
We wanted to create a product that would be of the highest quality and safety standard for children.

We equally wanted to make a sustainable product to create less impact on our Earth with fewer chemicals released into our soil.
Our blocks have biodegradable fill, recycled hangtags and 100% organic cotton printed with non-toxic dyes.

Why are they great for travel?

They are lightweight, and not too large at approximately 5" x 5" in size. 
They are colorful, entertaining and engaging for parents and children.

And they're a great way to learn about the city the family is travelling to. 

What age group is it made for?

The intended age group is 0-36 months. 

What are the benefits of the product?

It's healthy, safe, educational, stimulating and fun!

Many thanks Angela and Justin for this wonderful product.

Check out the full range of Globetotters HERE.

Happy, Healthy Travels!

** Healthy Kids Travel has no affiliation with this product.