Our Healthy Kids Travel Tips:

Would you like to reduce your environmental impact while travelling?

Being planet friendly, healthy and happy while travelling is what we are all about at Healthy Kids Travel, so we are sharing some tips with you below on how to reduce your environmental footprint on the go.

  • Go on holiday during the off peak season to prevent over straining on resources:

Not only will you stop the over straining on resources, you will also avoid the crowd and get to enjoy the sites much more easily!
Major tourist destinations can become crowded in peak season, which means more litter, the overuse of facilities and build up of carbon emissions from travel. You will also be able to save money with many hotels and tourist attractions offering cheaper off-peak deals and a more personalised service.

  • Research your accommodation choices before you visit:

It's a good idea when booking, to make sure that your accommodation is as environmentally friendly as possible.
Try to book into places that have effective waste treatment systems, that recycle, that are energy efficient, and, where possible, that use energy sources such as solar energy or hydroelectric power. There are lots of options these days and you can even ask hotels to

'green clean’ your room, or perhaps you could look into staying at an ecolodge.
It can also be a consideration to avoid sports or activities which have a significant harmful impact on the environment.

  • Always dispose of rubbish responsibly:

Carry a (preferably biodegradable) plastic bag or washable container with you while travelling to stash your trash when there are no bins available. Try to reduce the number of bags, plastic cutlery, disposable cups and napkins when eating out.
Always try to recycle when you can and avoid buying plastic bottled water- carry a stainless steel drink bottle for you and your family instead. You can find some other alternatives to help with drinking clean water on the move

  • Consider your carbon footprint:

Can you drive or take the train to your destination instead of flying? Planes create a huge amount of carbon emissions so it’s worth investigating your alternatives. If you must travel by air, choose airlines with higher occupancy rates, a more efficient aircraft, and an option to purchase ‘carbon neutral’ flights.

  • Use public transport, cycle or walk to get around:

Taking public transport is one of the best things you can do for the environment while travelling. It will also save you money and allow you the chance to interact with the locals. Many destinations will also have hire bikes available so you can easily get around or good old walking is the perfect way to take in the sights and explore places you may have not found by car.

  • Support local businesses and facilities where possible:

We always make an effort to support local, whether we're at home or overseas. Many businesses survive on income from tourists, so try to make sure you are buying produce, souvenirs and visiting attractions that are owned by local businesses. 
This will also give you the chance to chat with people from the area who may have tips or authentic insights to share about the place you are visiting.

  • Don’t touch wildlife or disturb habitats:

When hiking, always stay on marked trails and maintain a safe distance from any animals you encounter. Going off the beaten path could mean you trample on protected or endangered plants. Never feed animals or take things like shells and coral from the beach, you never know, it could be an animal's home.

  • When buying gifts or souvenirs, look for products that have less packaging and be careful that your souvenir did not harm anything to be made:

You might think that you’d never buy something unethical but it’s easy to make the mistake, especially in unfamiliar surroundings. It’s good to ask lots of questions about the source if you are unsure.

  • Travel with less stuff:

Every kilo counts when flying. The more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces.
Although it's hard when travelling with kids try to pack only what you need.

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Happy, Healthy Travels!

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