Our Healthy Kids Travel Tips:

It’s always important to plan ahead when travelling with kids.

It’s a great idea to choose trips that have something for everyone in the family, and giving the kids input by asking them for their ideas. 

Family travel is a great way to explore and learn together. There are heaps of benefits to taking kids travelling including:

      It’s an important way for children to develop new skills.

      Kids are able to learn and appreciate different cultures, traditions and customs.

      It can boost their self confidence talking to new people or in different languages.

      They can improve their coordination with outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking or rock climbing.

We have put together some tips to make planning a trip with kids a little easier for both them and you!

    Plan for a slower pace than you might usually attempt, especially if this is your first trip with your children.

     Try to work with the kids to develop an itinerary – making this into a fun family activity!
          If you are travelling with another family or adults, discuss what each person wants to do before you go.
      In our family we call this process ‘Cards on the Table.’ Every member of the travel party writes down what they would love to
      see and do, and we create an itinerary from there. Our son is usually the first to suggest we all do this!
      We also suggest coming to an agreement on how to split chores, or taking it in turns to mind the children.
      Have a chat about the balance of spending time together as a group as well as apart. This will be somewhat influenced   
      by the ages of your children.

      If you are looking to keep costs down, consider a home exchange- this can also be a great way to live like a local in the town  
      or city you visit.

      If you're going down the hotel route, always check for special family deals, from discounted rates to free meals for children;
      many international chains offer these.

      If you are going overseas, make yourself aware of any health issues, i.e. Malaria, Zika Virus that are prevalent in the country
      you are heading to. You may wish to discuss with your doctor.

      Some destinations require a Visa, so be sure to do your research with plenty of time ahead. More often than not, their fee is the
      same as an adult Visa.

      Getting your children started on a few destination-related projects before you leave is a great way to prepare them for what's
      to come.

      When on the move, spend some time each night talking about what you are going to do the next day.

      Explain the security screening process to your kids if they are flying for the first time and let them know what to expect.
      Do this ahead of your trip to the airport so that they can be prepared.

      And lastly make sure you plan plenty of things just for them, and allow yourself to really connect with the excitement of the trip! 

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Happy, Healthy Travels!

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