Our Healthy Kids Travel Top 5 Tips:

Do you find it challenging to stay as healthy as you are at home whilst you travel with your family?

It can be difficult, especially with busy airports, long car rides and jet lag to contend with.

Being as healthy, happy and as planet friendly as possible while you travel is what we are all about at Healthy Kids Travel, so we are sharing our Top 5 Tips with you below: 

1.  Do your research and plan ahead:

At times we can all get swept up in the excitement of an approaching holiday (and so we should!) ~ there is a lot to organise, such as what to pack, pet sitters, passports and reservations, which can mean that considerations around food are put on the back-burner.

However, if you put a little thought beforehand into what and where your family will eat during your travels, it can save a considerable amount of time and effort in the long run, allowing you to keep up your family’s healthy lifestyle habits as much as possible when you are away.

Although great way to kick off your trip is to pack your snacks and some meals to eat during the journey, it isn’t as easy to pack for the duration of your holiday.
By doing your research into what is available close to where you are staying, you can stock up when you arrive according to your needs. Keep an eye out for farmer's markets - one of our favourite places to buy fresh produce at the same time as supporting local farmers!

** OUR GOLDEN TIP FOR TRAVELLING WITH KIDS is to aim for accommodation that has kitchen facilities, allowing far more scope for making your own food, as opposed to relying on eating out all the time.

As well as Yelp, there are plenty of free, useful apps available to help you navigate your way to cafes or food outlets that serve or stock your version of healthy food wherever you are.

We have found some great suggestions to check out HERE

2.  Pack a healthy lunch and snacks for the journey:

If you are armed with a delicious lunch and some snack options for the family, you will be less likely to run to the nearest fast food outlet out of desperation.

We have listed our go-to snack and lunch box ideas below:

Rice paper rolls
Fill these with glass noodles, mint, coriander, vegetables, and tofu and pack a zesty dipping sauce - yum!

Nuts, seeds and dried fruits
You can’t go wrong with a good trail mix - it is a crowd pleaser. Plus, a handful of nuts can provide you with many health benefits, including a dose of fibre, Omega 3 and Vitamin E.

A healthy, affordable snack your kids will love. Make your own if possible to avoid any nasty and unnecessary additives.

Don’t forget the humble sandwich! Select quality bread such as a sourdough or wholemeal, or gluten free wraps and fill with fresh, delicious fillings. Make sure everyone get’s his or her favourite, a little bit of home to take along for the trip.

Vegetable sticks
Crunchy and fresh - slice carrots, celery, green beans and cucumber and enjoy them with a dip such as hummus, pesto or our favourite - olive tapenade.

Savoury muffins
Bake these ahead using your favourite ingredients, such as sun dried tomatoes, spinach and olives and consider substituting ingredients such as white flour for whole meal, spelt or rice flour - which will make them healthier. 

Cold Meats
These can be in the form of roast chicken, smoked salmon, lamb chops, pre cooked sausages or ham. Not to mention the ever reliable hard boiled eggs!
We recommend preservative free, organic, nitrate free, and pasture fed where possible.

3. Invest in good quality storage and travel equipment:

Spending a little bit more on quality lunch boxes and containers will not only be good for you and your family, but good for the environment too. Using a long-lasting storage container will also save you having to repeat purchase, which means you will avoid spending more money in the long run too.

We love Planet Boxes:

If you make sure that you have the dedicated space in your luggage, you can ensure that you are able to re-use the containers during your trip, rather than throwing away plastic containers.

You can view and purchase other options for storage containers HERE

We also recommend purchasing an eco-friendly stainless steel drink bottle, which is robust, and you can refill as you go, without always having to find bottled water (this will save you money too).

Alternatively, check out our blog post on portable water filters HERE

4. Keep moving:

Sticking to your daily fitness routine while travelling can definitely be a challenge, but if you can, incorporate some movement and stretching into your day. Staying as active as possible will go a long way towards your wellbeing while you are away from home.
This is especially important for kids!
See the sights by heading out on a hike, doing a beach walk, bike riding, or cruising by foot around the city. 

At the end of the day or first up in the morning, see if you can get the family to participate in some light stretching and yoga poses- they are sure to enjoy it!

5. Join a community:

There are many families out there who are passionate about providing their children with a healthy lifestyle. We have found a beautiful, supportive and inspiring community of travelling families on Instagram, but there are also online forums, Facebook Groups and in-person groups you can join too.

These communities will help you to connect with other like-minded individuals who have similar interests and lifestyles to you. You can learn from these people and ask about how they stay healthy during their travels - it can be a challenge at times, so being able to reach out for inspiration is important.

** Healthy Kids Travel has no affiliation with the products recommended.

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Happy, Healthy Travels!

Do you have any go-to healthy travel tips to add?
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