Zero Bites - Organic Oat Custers

When the HKT team are given the opportunity to try products and services, our commitment to our readers is that we will only write about it if the product or experience is in alignment with our guidelines, and something we truly dig.

Recently, the HKT team was lucky enough to try a wonderful new product which we can honestly say we loved, almost as much as our kids did!

Sometimes, there just isn’t time to prepare and cook your own snacks, (which is always our first preference) and it can be a challenge to find pre-made snacks for children without a page-long list of ingredients.

Enter Zero Bites - crunchy and delicious oat clusters, where the (hand made) preparation has been done for you!

Zero Bites are lunchbox friendly, which makes them great for travel. What we also love about this product is that they are super versatile- throw them in with milk and berries for breakfast, eat them on their own as a snack, or try crumbling over a smoothie bowl.

Zero Bites are:







We chatted to the brains behind Zero Bites - mother and entrepreneur Claudia Marks, to find what makes these oat clusters so special and what we can expect next from the brand…

 Why Zero Bites? What drove you to create such a great product?

Our youngest child was diagnosed with a number of food allergies from a young age and is also intolerant to a lot of foods.
She was placed on an extremely restricted diet for almost two years, which became unsustainable for us. When we tried to normalise her diet, she reacted to most of the food that we gave her. After she experienced an anaphylactic attack we re-examined our food choices, ripped apart our pantry, and binned anything with a number as an ingredient (additive/preservative).

We were so frustrated by the lack of ready made snacks available; everything was highly processed, had a number in it, or contained high sodium and sugar. This led to many hours in the kitchen baking lunchbox snacks in place of convenient store bought options.
After much experimentation, we created our organic oat clusters. We wanted to make our snacks accessible to others, recognising that not everyone has the time or inspiration to whip up homemade snacks. This eventually led to the creation of Zero Bites.

It was important for us to ensure our product had integrity and aligned with our values. We pursued organic and kosher certifications, knowing that we needed to meet strict and ethical standards in the production of our product.

When it comes to feeding your family, what is important to you?

I am extremely passionate about ensuring my family eats wholesome food, going back to a time when food was real and not highly processed concoctions. I am often found in the kitchen preparing homemade meals and snacks where I strive to lovingly transform fresh and organic produce through quick and simple recipes. I hope to teach my kids to be creative and resourceful in the kitchen and conscious of eating real foods, that one day they will pass on and repeat for their families.

We love that the bites are preservative free and organic! What else makes them special and great for kids?

We really love the simplicity of our organic oat clusters and they are made from only a handful of ingredients. Firstly they are lunchbox friendly and allergy inclusive, meaning that everyone can enjoy them, without a need for ‘special snacks’. They are also versatile, delicious and sustaining, making an ideal on the go snack or as a portable breakfast when you are short on time, only a few clusters are needed to feel satisfied. Our oat clusters can also be sprinkled on yoghurt, on a smoothie, paired with fruit for breakfast or as a stand alone snack.

Would you be so kind as to tell us your family's favourite way to enjoy Zero Bites?

We all enjoy them in different ways in our family but they can be often found in the kid’s lunchboxes. My husband and son enjoy theirs for breakfast with fruit and milk, whilst my daughters love making breakfast jar parfait combinations with berries and yoghurt.
I love our clusters as a snack with a cup of herbal tea.

What's next for Zero Bites, what can we look out for?

We would love to grow a brand that represents our core values and continue to develop new products.
(stay tuned, our next product is currently being formulated).

We would also love Zero Bites to become a forum to educate parents and children about the importance of making appropriate food choices as we believe these learnings are a lifelong gift that will lead to a stronger future generation.

Love what you hear? So do we! You can find out more on Zero Bites over on their website here

We also love following them on Instagram, where they share delicious recipe ideas and creative ways to enjoy Zero Bites- you can find them here.

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