We know that at times it can be challenging to entertain the kids on long-haul flights, particularly when you are travelling for the first time with little ones in tow.
Check out our tips below if you are lucky enough to be packing for an upcoming adventure!

The HKT team have put their heads together to come up with some fun and engaging ideas to help you with the kids on the plane, but also to make your trip more enjoyable and hopefully even a little relaxing!

We would love to hear your own ideas and thoughts - feel free to drop us any notes in the comments section below.

Idea #1 Wrap it Up

A couple of weeks or days before your trip, gather up some of your children’s toys that they haven’t played with for a while. Consider small puzzles, colouring in books, action figures, toy cars etc - items that are smaller in size and are easy to pack in your carry-on.              
Then, have some fun with wrapping them all up individually for your child to open and discover what’s inside.                                                 One by one, introduce them to encourage calm, quiet behaviour.                                                                                                                     
This can also be done with new toys. We love Globe Totters which are perfect for travelling!                                                                         You can read the story behind Globe Totters here.

Idea #2 Record the experience

Take a child-friendly travel journal with you. There are some fantastic options available to you online, which we will list below.
Pack crayons or pencils in your carry-on and plenty of stickers related to travel, exploration and transportation. Encourage your child to illustrate their experience through fun pictures, keywords and colour. If you have a polaroid camera, it is also a great idea to pack and get your child to take some special snapshots of moments that they experience along the way. You could then stick them into their journal with them.

Here are some great journals we love:

My Travel Journal

Kikki K Travel Journal

Idea #3 Pack the snacks

This may be an obvious one, but ensure that you have plenty of healthy snacks for your children whilst you are on board.
Pack foods in small, reusable containers, or consider a
Planet Box, which is our favourite.
Consider dried fruits, nuts, fresh fruit, rice crackers, bliss balls, vegetable sticks, chopped cheese and other favourites. Bring the snacks out one at a time to help them last the length of the journey.
If you are travelling Premium Economy, Business or First Class, snacks will be provided by the flight attendants upon request.

Idea #4 Plan some games

There are plenty of great games you can play on a plane, both with and without having to pack items.
Card games such as Go Fish or Snap are great for older children and “I spy” is also lots of fun. There are plenty of travel-friendly, smaller sized board games and travel cards that are purpose made for trips. We LOVE the Usborne range!

Idea #5 Story time

Save the stories for quiet time, when the children might take a nap or they are getting restless. Consider taking them for a walk down the aisle to the bathroom to stretch their (and your) legs, have a chat to the host or hostess and just have a change of scenery.
Then, when you settle back in, read them a story - try to pack one of their favourites (this could be done via an iPad/Kindle to save space) and if of the soft toy age, have one on hand for comfort - attempt to make it feel as much like home as possible.

Some of our favourite travel products:




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Happy, Healthy Travels!

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